Recycling Plastic Bags

While it’s best to avoid plastic as much as you can, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with some plastic bags and packaging. Plastic bag recycling is becoming more widely available, so at least you don't have to toss those items in the trash

In an attempt to keep lawmakers from banning plastic bags completely, plastic bag manufacturers have begun establishing more plastic recycling programs. While, it's not the best solution and certainly not for the right reason, it's still best to take advantage of the programs and recycle plastics rather than adding any more to our landfills.

You may have already noticed plastic bag recycling drop offs in local stores, but did you know that you can drop off more than just plastic grocery bags? They will also accept retail bags, paper towel and toilet paper plastic wrap, plastic newspaper bags, plastic dry cleaning bags, bread bags, produce bags, sandwich bags, and any clear bags labeled with a #2 or #4 recycling code. You just have to make sure they are clean and dry.

Drop off bins can be found at several major retailers, including many grocery chains, JC Penney, Lowes, and Wal-Mart. Visit for drop off locations in your area.

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