Green Don’ts

Don’t top off your gas tank. Once the nozzle clicks off the first time, the gas you're paying for is not going into your tank. You’re wasting money on gas that is stuck in the hose or getting ready to spill on the next person. Topping off your tank damages the vapor recovery system that's designed to minimize the amount of vapors released into the air. Gas vapors pollute the air with volatile organic compounds that are harmful to our lungs and our environment.

Don’t use the full suggested amount of laundry detergent. Use ½ to ¾ of your usual amount and you will save money, reduce the amount of suds polluting our waterways, cut down on detergent bottles sent to the recycling center, and get your clothes just as clean if not cleaner than before (unrinsed detergent on your clothes can actually attract dirt!).

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