A New Energy Efficient Light Bulb

By now everyone knows that compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs use less energy (about 75% less) and last longer (up to ten times longer) than standard incandescent bulbs. Yet many people resist making the switch because they don't like the cold, bluish-white light they cast or how much time some of them can take to light up completely.

Luckily, the next generation of light bulbs has arrived. GE recently introduced the Energy Smart hybrid Halogen-CFL light bulb which combines the instant brightness of halogen technology with the energy efficiency and longer rated life of CFL technology. It casts the same kind of warm glow as an incandescent bulb and is even shaped like a standard bulb, but it lasts eight times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Click here to learn more about these new bulbs and the U.S. phase out of traditional incandescent bulbs.

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